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The Public Sector Technology Exchange (PSTE) is an independent forum that discusses the technology challenges impacting government, industry, and education.  PSTE events are sponsored by industry with participation from both government and the vendor community. Past PSTE forums have been on topics such as: cybersecurity, big data, energy reductions, budget deficits, virtualization, optimization, consolidation, modernization, cloud, mobile citizen and other areas of information technology policy, management, and industry best practices. 

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Sponsors: Palo Alto Networks and Proofpoint

Hackers and The Human Factor-Securing government And Education

PSTE hosted a national leadership forum between government, education, and industry on the security challenges facing government and higher education.  This event featured a discussion on:

  • Best practices in government and higher education

  • Strategies for rapid response, breaches, and detection

  • Moving Beyond the Piecemeal Security Model

  • Reducing your departmental cyber surface attack

  • Staying ahead of new security threats

  • Un-clouding Cloud Security

  • Zero Trust and Your Agency’s Data

  • Behavioral Analytics

  • moving from the unknown to the known

  • Legacy systems, end of life systems, and security

  • Products that work together for secure integration – cyber security budgeting

  • Protection against credential phishing

  • Preventing compromised accounts and malicious spoofing

  • Securing smart government initiatives

  • How employees give intruders access to your network

  • Preparing for the “powder keg” situation in your organization

  • What threat research trends show us about the future of cyber warfare

  • Exfiltrating the human factor -Compliance vs. Security


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Sponsor: Proofpoint


The PSTE hosted a national leadership forum between government, education, and industry on the security challenges facing government and higher education.  This event featured a deep dive discussion on the following topics

  • Email, Social Media, and BYOD

  • What’s Really at Risk

  • Department Networks vs. the Social Networks

  • Enjoying Social Media While Reducing the Risks

  • The Apps on Your Employee’s Phones that Give Intruders Access to Your Network

  • How Cyber Criminals Target Organizations through Mobile Devices

  • Does Security Compliance Make Your Organization Secured

  • How Email Can Comprise Your Organization’s Security

  • It is No Longer a Question of IF Your Organization Will Be Breached but WHEN

  • Changing the Tables on Hackers

  • What Security Attacks Can Happen from 10AM to 3PM in Your Department

  • Hackers and the Human Factor

  • Protecting Citizens and Students

  • Best Practices from Government and Education Around the United States

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Sponsors Cisco, Gigamon, and Dimension Data


The PSTE hosted a national leadership forum between government and industry on  the security challenges facing government and higher education organizations in California’s Capitol, Sacramento.  This event featured a discussion among technology leaders on: 

  • Active Visibility and Intrusion Prevention

  • Turning the Tables on Cyber Attackers

  • Fighting Smarter

  • Changing the Way We Look and Think about

  • Security in the State of California

  • Assembly Bills 670 and 83

  • Does Security Compliance Really Make Your Department Secure?

  • Detecting and Containing Attackers

  • It is No Longer a Questions of “IF” Your Department Will Be Breached but “WHEN”

  • NIST Standards and Hacktivists

  • Preparing for the Next Wave of Cyber Attacks

  • What Behavioral Analytics Teach Us about Security Threat Patterns

  • Pre Zero Day, the Cloud, and Your Department’s Enterprise Network