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Throughout the nation, chief information officers and technology decision-makers are faced with the same challenge of having to do more with less while maintaining secured services to the citizens they serve.  We live in an era where Ransomware, DDoS, and nation-state threats are constantly attacking our republic and the American way of life. Critical to your sales and marketing plans is the ability to articulate how your products and solutions enhance the public sector’s cyber defense posture With over 20 years experience in selling and marketing technology solutions to the government and higher education marketplaces,  James Baker can assist your company in winning new business in the federal, state, and local government and education marketplaces.

Baker has worked with a wide range of clients (both US based and internationally) from industry giants to startups in developing tactical strategies that generate new business.  Baker is experienced in working with all aspects of the public sector marketplace including K-12, higher education, military, law enforcement, and federal, state, and local government organizations. Baker is also the author of “How to Win Business from the Government - A Tactical Guide to Understanding the U.S. Federal Government Information Technology Marketplace.” Baker can assist your public sector team with the following:


Market analysis

How do you know that the government marketplace is right for your company?  This analysis will inform your senior management on where government agencies are purchasing products and solutions that match your company’s core offerings.  This analysis will help your team to look before they leap into government marketplace as well as dictate a clear path based on a statistical analysis of what the target department is going to purchase as well as purchased in the past.


Content Creation

Can your target market truly understand your unique value proposition?  Have you validated your offering to your target marketplace? Creating content that resonates with the government buyer is critical.  Using a story methodology approach, your team can tell the story of why you and how you help government solve some of its biggest problems.


Departmental Budget Analysis

Tactical review of DME and SS federal funding that maps to your organization’s core offerings, procurements, and 300’s.  Many organizations make the mistake of only tracking forecasts that have not been funded by Congress.


Department Playbook

Everything you need to know about how a public sector organization works and your company’s value to the organization. This detailed document (100+ pages will give your team a goto market strategy on a department’s budget, 300s, audits, decision makers, and procurements.  Additionally, the playbook will come with a run rate of opportunities to pursue in your target department.

Branding Audit

Comprehensive overview of the demographics of your target government agency and how that relates to your current messaging platform.  Based on an interview technique developed by Baker, Baker will work with your company to gain an understanding on how your employees and senior management view your organization versus how the government customer sees your organization and services.  Many times the perception you have of your company is not how your customers see your organization.

Lead Generation

Tactical execution of knocking on the proverbial doors of your target customer through both traditional and social marketing to help your sales team engage prospects.

Business Development

The public sector sales process is very different than the private sector.  With over 20 years experience in the public sector marketplace, Baker will assist your team in identifying and capturing new business from teaming agreements to positioning your solution with the key government decision makers involved in the information review board of any government procurement.

Marketing Events

The PSTE is an independent leadership forum hosted by James Baker that features panelists from government, industry, and education discussing the current technology challenges facing the public sector.  Learn more how your company may sponsor future PSTE leadership forums.   


Baker will help your team create meaningful message for traditional and social media campaign, Google Ad Words, SEO targets, and press messaging. Additionally, Baker can work with your team to create a marketing and message strategy outside of targeted proposals that demonstrate your organizations’ unique value proposition to the government customer.


Based on Baker’s book “How to Win Business from the Government,” Baker will create a customized training session for your team on how to research, sell, and market to the US Federal Marketplace.   


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