Freedom Shift


Freedom Shift is designed to send a message of hope to youth about how the promises and power of God can change their life.   There is a battle for the hearts and minds of youth everywhere.   Freedom Shift was written for young people that are in jail.   Spending time in jail has profound impact on youth.   There are many studies that show that 1/3 of all wards in detention facilities will return.  

Many times when our team goes into prisons to minister the message of Freedom Shift, we do not have enough Bibles or copies of Freedom Shift. We need your help!   We purposely priced the cost of Freedom Shift for $9.99.  We are donating proceeds from the sale of this book to buy more copies of Freedom Shift to donate to juvenile detention centers everywhere.  Over the last several years, we have watched miracles in the lives of those who have been exposed to the Freedom Shift message of hope and restoration.   

Please consider buying multiple copies of this book. You may donate them yourself to your local detention center or you may send them to Freedom Shift and we will be sure to get them in the hands of young people who really need to hear this message.  Also, if you are interested in bringing the message of Freedom Shift to the youth of your church and community, please contact Chaplain Jimmy

Overview on FreedomShift

Chapter 1 The Bible 
Learning How to Read and Study God’s Word

Chapter 2 - God’s Love
Does God Really Love Me and Know My Past?

Chapter 3 - Good vs. Evil
Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

Chapter 4 - Words
What God has to Say About the Words We Use

Chapter 5 - Vows
A Closer Look at the Promises we Make

Chapter 6 - Curses
Can a Curse Really Operate in My Life?

Chapter 7 - Deeper Dive into Curses
Strategies to Stop Them

Chapter 8 - Judgment
What God has to Say About Being Judged and Judging Others

Chapter 9 - Healing the Soul
Understanding the Promises of God in Your Life